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LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 6

Amy "Amy! Someone wants to speak to you on the phone!" I heard as I slowly picked my head up off Mark's bed. Squinting my eyes I yelled back, "Tell them I'm not here!" "Are you sure?" Ms. Won's voice became closer as she walked down the hall toward me. Peeking in from the door… Continue reading LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 6

LSPN: Amy's Story, wattpad

LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 5

  Mark Dear Diary, Amy's been so upset since the incident. She barely talks or eats anymore. She's slowly withering away and I don't know what I can do to help. I want to fix this. Protect her from the pain she is feeling, but I know that I can't fix...death. She's sporadic, one day… Continue reading LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 5

LSPN: Amy's Story, wattpad

LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 3

  Charles Invisible, I observed as the guests came in in waves. The lawn was meticulously manicured and everything was in its place. Amy stood next to her mother to greet each guest as they came in. Each one elegantly dressed as if it was a formal occasion. At least Amy's treating this as what… Continue reading LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 3

LSPN: Amy's Story, wattpad

LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 2

Chapter Two Amy Arriving at my school for the last time, I headed for the auditorium where we were supposed to meet, and quickly put on my graduation gown and cap. My cap was decorated to say, 'Master gave Amy diploma. Amy free!' With Dobby holding onto a little diploma in his arms. Listening to the teachers… Continue reading LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 2

LSPN: Amy's Story

LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 1

This year was supposed to be a happy occasion. I was done with high school, Sarah was officially coming home on my birthday, and then I was going to college. Now my mom's dead. She was the only casualty of that night. Which makes no sense, since she managed to save everyone but herself. The only positive of this is Sarah won't be placed back in foster care after the 6 years it took to finally adopt her because my mom made sure to put me as her legal guardian in case...anything happens.

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This is the first book in the "weird" trilogy I'm writing on Wattpad! It's weird because it is a trilogy just not in the traditional sense. There are two parts to book one and they can be read separately or together because they are mainly told from two different points of view.