Wattpad: Touch

Touch by¬†wilder_mind "Power is a shadow that follows you, Kathyn. You can't stop that shadow from growing. Not even if you tried. And as the sun of your control sets on the horizon that separates us, you will lose. Author's note You can't stop me from growing." ~Touch ***Warning this story is rated M for… Continue reading Wattpad: Touch

LSPN: Amy's Story, wattpad

LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 6

Amy "Amy! Someone wants to speak to you on the phone!" I heard as I slowly picked my head up off Mark's bed. Squinting my eyes I yelled back, "Tell them I'm not here!" "Are you sure?" Ms. Won's voice became closer as she walked down the hall toward me. Peeking in from the door… Continue reading LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 6

LSPN: Felicity's Story, wattpad

LSPN: Felicity’s Story Chapter 2

Felicity Fire. Burning. Screams. STOP! I bolt upright with my mouth open in a silent scream. My heart races and sweat sticks the loose hairs to my face. I know without even looking at the clock that it hasn't even been an hour since I went to sleep. I know it is childish, but I… Continue reading LSPN: Felicity’s Story Chapter 2

LSPN: Amy's Story, wattpad

LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 5

  Mark Dear Diary, Amy's been so upset since the incident. She barely talks or eats anymore. She's slowly withering away and I don't know what I can do to help. I want to fix this. Protect her from the pain she is feeling, but I know that I can't fix...death. She's sporadic, one day… Continue reading LSPN: Amy’s Story Chapter 5